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Meet the loneliest whale in the world.

A lonely artist named Keaton meets the loneliest whale in the world, who sings at 52-hertz, a frequency no other whale can hear. The Whale has been swimming alone and singing to only his shadow for who knows how long until one day he hears a mysterious voice reply. Unfortunately for The Whale, this voice is actually the terrible sound installation of tortured graduate student, Keaton. Keaton and the Whale is a story about loneliness and the beauty of communication in all of its many forms. 


EMILY CHIU (Book, Music) is a Taiwanese-American composer-lyricist and violinist who loves to write about sea creatures, food, and monsters. She holds a B.A. in music from Brown University and an M.F.A from NYU Tisch’s Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program.

Writing credits include: Apollo (Tisch New Musicals Workshop), Keaton and the Whale (NYU Tisch), Unshelved (NYU Tisch), You Gave Me A Sheep (National Asian Artists Project), and Life, Love, Food, and Monsters (Mr. William Finn’s New Artists On The Horizon).

Her songs have been heard at 54 Below, Rockwood Music Hall, and Barrington Stage Company.


MOLLY REISMAN (Book, Lyrics)  is a Canadian writer, producer and performer who is endlessly curious about how humans connect, empathize and interact with the world around them. Molly  is a graduate of NYU Tisch’s MFA Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program, and she completed her undergraduate studies at Toronto's Ryerson University where she majored in acting with a minor in business entrepreneurship.

Writing credits include: "3 Dresses" (LaMaMa 2019) “Electric Circus” (Pepperdine University 2019), “Heartbeat” (NYU Tisch 2019),  “Keaton and The Whale” (NYU Tisch 2018), “Cow is Me” (LaMaMa Puppet Festival 2018),  “TEDQUEST” (LaMaMa Puppet Festival 2017, NYC Summerfest), “WE WROTE THIS” (Ryerson New Voices Festival & Winner Best of Atlantic Fringe Festival, 2014), “The Other Side of The Curtain” (Canterbury Children’s Theater Festival, 2009).



Upcoming Performances

Presented by AMAS Musical Theater

A.R.T./NY Mezzanine Theatre
502 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019
Monday November 4th, 3pm
Monday November 4th, 7pm
Tuesday November 5th, 7pm

Past Performances

The PiTCH, Broadway in the Finger Lakes
NYU Institute of the Performing Arts
NYU GMTWP Thesis Reading